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In a child view, can you view a parent properties?

I have a parent/child relationship, where when creating a child, I can see the Parent Topic.

The parent topic has a "Parent Issue Resolved" checkbox that is also visible in the child record as they are from the same table. How can I update the parent checkbox from the child entry?

In addition, there are some properties like "Contact" that I would like to be auto-filled in the child entry, which is needed for reporting. Can this be accomplished yet and if not, what about adding something like a flag on fields to populate child records?

Thank you.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

You need to create a Rollup for the checkbox and that will show it in the child database or the other way around, it depends where it is needed to be checked.

You can't update a single checkbox from 2 different databases, it is one or the other.

*For the other thing, please open a new question, as that is a completely different thing.

Hope that helps.

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