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Filter based on active period

Hello fellow Notioners!

At our company we provide services that often take a few months. We charge customers over those months. For example; it starts 1 September 2021 and it ends 1 march 2022. Let say our customer has to pay €6000,- so that is €1000,- per month.
In de database we add the service, put in a start date and the end date (currently 2 separated items/dates) and the total invoice amount.

Lets say I want to see the revenue for 2022. How can I make is so that the above service example gives back €2000? In other words: how can I make it so that I filter a certain year of perhaps even quarter?

I tried filtering on the end date, but that gives me the entire amount (€6000), and not the amount in 2022 (€2000).

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Add a filter and select the date property. Inside the filter add 2 things.

1- Is on or after jan 01 2022
2- Is on or before dec 31 2022

That will filter everything showing only items that have a 2022 date.


Wessel commented

Thanks. However, that doesn’t give me back hoe long it is active in the given period(and so how much revenue) (?). It could be active 1 day or 2 months, in the filter case.

Can a formula of some sort help?


polle commented

Then you are asking something else?

How can I make it so that I filter a certain year of perhaps even quarter?

Using the filter above, by year or months.

If that is not the question, then, how are you trying to calculate active periods?


Wessel commented

I do want to filter a certain year of quarter, but also how long/much activity falls within the period. For example:

The service has a revenue of €6000. It lasts 1 September 2021 > 1 march 2022 ( (so that is €1000 per month). If I filter the 1st quarter of 2022 I want it to return 2/3 months aka €2000.

I don't know if it can be done though a filter or a formula?
I don't know if its possible, somehow.


polle commented

Create a new view and call it 1st quarter.

Using the previous filter by year also add another filter that includes the months you need. Or combine them.

That view will show you just those months and just for 2022.

Repeat for each quarter and done.

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