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Hi, i need to get a specific number based on wich tags are selected on a multi select property.

Here ist a screenshot of what im trying to achieve.


  1. The option "important" has a value of 2; the option "high workload" has a value of 1. If both properties are selected i want the column "value" to show "3".

  2. The option "event" has a value of -1. If thats the only option selected then "value" should show "-1".

In other words: I want each option from the Tags (multi select) column to represent a numberic value. The selected values should then by summed and the result should be shown in the "value" column.

1 Answer


abaginski Points570

How about setting up your multiselect with the words you wish to use. Then set up a formula such as:

if(contains(prop("Tags"), "event"), -1, 0) + if(contains(prop("Tags"), "high workload"), 1, 0) + if(contains(prop("Tags"), "important"), 2, 0)

The number is value of the formula would then update depending on the options selected in the multiselect.

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