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Can I flag all open to-do items?

I have a meeting template that I use over and over, to record topics and ideas (as free text or bullets) and my to-dos (using the to-do list feature in Notion).

Is there a way to have a separate page or view that would show me all of the open to-do items across all of my pages?

Or some other way to flag un-done to-dos? (Or the reverse, flagging pages with completed to-dos?)

I'd say I'm a pretty basic Notion user and haven't done much (yet) with databases or APIs.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Simple to-dos are blocks and can't be associated to other Notion content. You will need two related databases for this, for example projects and tasks.

That will let you relate tasks to projects and filter them as needed, for example general pending tasks, tasks per project, completed tasks, projects with pending tasks and so on.

See the projects database in this case to replace your pages and the tasks database will be the to-dos with a checkbox.


matt_huffman9 commented

Thank you, appreciate the help!

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