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Are there templates for a workload calendar?

I would like to visualize the workload (sum of the hours assigned to the tasks for the specific date) in order to plan more efficiently day, week and year. Is there anything like that already made?


polle commented

How are you adding those hours assigned to the tasks?

Please share more details to understand how you have things in Notion.


Airini commented

My apologies for not being precise.

My system is simple: I am using the pre-installed page "task" that came along with the free notion version.
I added a column "Duration" with the type and format "Number". Here I insert the duration of the task (1 = 1 hour, etc.). I am using the the field "Due" (type date) as the date when I want to do it.

In the view "Upcoming", I can sum up the hours of the tasks planned for today, tomorrow, the next 7 days (not tomorrow included though), and the next 30 days in a bulk.

This is quite useful. My wish is now to go further: I would like to be able sum up the hours of the planned tasks at least for each day separately so that I can estimate the workload for any day.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You will need a dates database in your Notion workspace for this to work, because you want to calculate by day.

Create a database with the 365 days of the year, relate that to your tasks and rollup the numbers as sum, that way you can go to any day of the year and see the numbers.

Perfect timing before starting 2023.

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