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How do i rollup by months

I am trying to make a financial dashboard. I have currently 4 databases. Accounts, Expense, Income and Budget. I am trying to display monthly income in my accounts table using rollup but i keep getting the sum of current and past months. Any advice on how to solve this?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You need to filter your view by month, there is no need to use a Rollup for that.

That way you will just see by month everything and at the bottom you can use the calculate options to see the totals.


Sentener commented

n my account database, i want to see my monthly expense and income.

This is what i have currently. but i have no idea of how to display the total income and expense, while having a monthly income and expense under acco


polle commented

In the income section you have a monthly view and there is the sum of the Amount column.

Below that you have another table for Date and that shows correctly the sum for each month in the rollup.

What is the problem?


Sentener commented

I want to display that sum inside the account table.


polle commented

You have to also relate the Date database to account, so accounts can have the rollup showing the sum, exactly as you have it in income.


Sentener commented

ahh i see. Thanks. then to show yearly i should create a year table as well?


polle commented

If you plan to have years and count them, like use the information by year as well, then yes, that would be the best to do.

Otherwise just pull everything with no filters at all.

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