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how to link the certain "status" to the responsible "person"

situation: a cross-cutting task with two responsible

I want it to be: we change the status -- the responsible person automatically changes

how can this be achieved, please help me

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You have 2 options.

1- Use something external like Make or Zapier to automate it based on the status property. (if status = pending, set "John" in the person property)

That may let you use the person property in your Notion database.

2- Using just Notion you have to create a formula to show the person. (no people property, just text)

Something like if status = pending, show John, otherwise show Charles. Of course you will have to create the Notion formula depending on all the status states you have and all the involved persons.

Hope that helps.


rmznv commented

"no people property, just text" means that the persona will not be notified that she has become responsible?


polle commented

Correct, the formula outputs a text depending on the scenario, but it is just text.

To use the person property, send emails, notify and so on, you will need an external service.


rmznv commented

I will try through zapier have any experience how to do this?

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