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Can visitors filter my Notion tables?

I created a Notion page to share some data with others. I’m wondering if the sorted and filtered films will be the same for visitors?

Are they allowed to change the sorts and filters?


LucianaMedeiros commented

Hello, how are you?

i have the same problem, but a different results, could you help me?

I alwes creat a diferent page whith the full databe off all my clients and filter by name for each client. In the begining i thought the sort and filter would be blocked if i share only for view, like was sugested by @bensomething, but recently i discoverd that my clients could edit the filter and the sort.

How can i blocked the filter of the database for my clients views? Because i woudnt like my clients having acess for another clients dats

thanks for the help.


polle commented

@LucianaMedeiros please open a new question.

2 Answers


bensomething Points2440

They won't be able to change the filters unless they have editing permissions. Your best bet would be to add multiple views with the different filtering and sorting already set and then they can simply switch between those.


nosy commented

Thank you, that makes sense and is a good solution.


ayyash commented

this is no longer the case isn't it?


SamanthaPS Points620

I've also found a workaround for this by modifying individual Sharing permissions on the database items.

  • Your full database lives in a non-private location and have the "Share to Web" toggle ON
  • You've created a page for that client or viewer to see only the 3 different items on that database that apply to them.
  • On the database items you want to keep internal, Open those pages, click Share, and toggle "Share to Web" OFF.
  • Alternatively, you can also only invite the external person to individual database items through that Share tab as well.

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