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Can't I –easily– import bookmarks?

Today I just came to Notion with the idea to organize and maintain my bookmarks' collection. I see there is a kind of 'media block' for bookmarks that retrieves a nice caption only by entering a url, I expected to import my bookmarks and see all of them formatted that way but I can't find the way to make it happen.

1 Answer


polle Points81400

For natural block bookmarks it will not work. You will need a database for this to work, where you can import everything in different cells and then display them using a gallery view for example.


naciu commented

Too bad! it seemed so simple that I couldn't believe it isn't possible.

I've gone through the database solution but –if I understand it well– it requires to build the content for each record (photo, description, etc.) whereas block bookmarks are smarter, you give Notion the url and it creates the caption from the original content.

I thought of creating the bookmark blocks from the API but I'm not sure if that's possible, it doesn't look simple at all...


polle commented

It depends on how you add the bookmarks to the database.

If you for example use the Notion Clipper or share from Mobile to the database, everything will be generated.

If you add them manually, then yes, it will be only the URL and whatever info you add.

The good thing of using databases is that you can manage the information correctly, group it, sort it, filter it, add tags and so on. Things that you will not be able to do with block bookmarks, you will en up with 300 blocks that you will not be able to manage in any way.

Copy and paste will work for blocks, so you can do it manually or try the Notion API to see if it works for you. Also there are services like Make or Zapier that you can use to automate everything.

For me?

Databases all the way. No doubt.

Hope that helps.


naciu commented

That's interesting but, as far as I know, the solution you suggest requires doing it by hand, on the browser, one url at the time, it's a long and tedious task with the hundreds of urls that I want to store. But I have learnt the advantage to manage my urls with a database instead of blocks.

Your replies have been helpful and I'm grateful for them but unless you know a way to automate the clipping, that's not the solution to my request yet. I'm surprised no one else has faced this challenge before in an easier way.

Thanks anyway!


polle commented

Glad to help. If you consider the answer as a solution, please select it to mark the question as solved.

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