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database views keep resetting

I keep setting up views with filters and sorts on my databases only to go back and see the view still there but all of the filters and sorts are reset to nothing so I see the data all unfiltered. What am I doing to cause this?

1 Answer


polle Points78510

1- Click Save for Everyone.
2- Confirm you are logged into the same account in case you don't want to save for everyone and it is a temporary Notion filter.

With that it will work as expected.


koshu73 commented

Thank you very much for your answer!

That's what I have been doing and honestly I thought that doing that was overriding other views that I have created in some way. That was initially what I thought I was doing wrong.

Can you define for me exactly what save for everyone does?


polle commented

Glad to help!

Filters are applied per view, so if you have 20 views from the same database, you can filter all of them in a different way and saving it only affects that single view, not the 20 of them.

Save for everyone means the filter will be saved for that view. If you don't save it for everyone, the only one that can see the filter is you and it is not permanent.

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koshu73 commented

Awesome! Thank you so much. New to Notion but really like it so far!

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