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Import and Relations

Hi There,

I am trying to move some of my companies sales data into notion for use in our CRM.
We want to create 2 Databases, 1 master account list and 1 master order list.
We need to export these orders weekly from our order software and update the order list linking it to the account number. Does anyone have experience doing this and ensuring the relation between the order and account happens.


1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2060

I've no context as to what kind of data you need to link but if you're hoping to import .csv data into Notion CRM, it'll not automatically link any relation you might have.

For situation like this, I recommend copy the .csv in Excel/ Google Sheet and paste it directly in Notion (altho it depends on your data)

But if you're looking for automation, then it'll depends your source sales data. You can write a java/ python script or use Zapier to feed the data into Notion.

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