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How to recognize parent tasks in my import

I succesfully import tasks with the merge with CSV command.

However, Notion does not make good sense of what it gets. First because it takes everything out of order.

Second, I would need to either import a second column field that indicates the parent task name, so I can set it manually, or

I'd need a way for Notion to recognize this automatically.

A member suggested I take a look at the export csv and copy the header structure, however that did not work.

The exported headers are in portuguese (my home language) and I suspect that may be the reason.

Any help is appreciated.

1 Answer


ShaneRobinson Points860

I just did an import test to map sub-tasks to an existing parent-task and it works if the parent-task already exists.

Assuming you're using Notion's native Project & Tasks template that automatically allows for Subtasks in the Tasks table:

Tasks (Table)

  • Task name
    Task 1
    Task 2
    Task 3

CSV File

Must be formatted exactly as follows

Task name,Parent-task
Task1.1,Task 1
Task1.2,Task 1
Task2.1,Task 2
Task3.1,Task 3
Task3.2,Task 3

With the Parent Tasks already existing in the Tasks table, when you "Merge with CSV" that CSV file, it will correctly map Task1.1 to Task 1 etc, etc, etc.


esantelmo commented

Hey Shane,
I'm afraid what happened was:
The second import creates a new field called "Parent-task".
It is a tag/chips kind of field, with 4 options, which are my 4 different parent task names
So no, that didn't work for me.
Are you sure you got an adequate task-subtask mapping in your test?

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