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CSV import : problem with property type

Hello All,

I don't succeed to import a CSV file the way I would like it to be. I've created a database on Notion and then I've exported it so I could replicate the structure.

However, if I import the very exported file, it will create a database with a wrong structure.

Here are the details of this situation.

The database has the following structure (sorry, property names are in french)
Nom (=title property)
Date (=date property)
début occupation (=selection property)
fin occupation(=selection property)
Étiquettes (=selection property)

When exported it gives the following CSV file (generated by Notion itself)

Nom,Date,début occupation,fin occupation,Étiquettes
week-end inoccupé,6 mai 2023 → 7 mai 2023,,,"période scolaire, week-end"
semaine normale,1 mai 2023 → 5 mai 2023,6:00,22:00,"période scolaire, semaine"
semaine normale,8 mai 2023 → 12 mai 2023,6:00,22:00,"période scolaire, semaine"
week-end inoccupé,1 juillet 2023 → 2 juillet 2023,,,"période scolaire, week-end"
week-end inoccupé,13 mai 2023 → 14 mai 2023,,,"période scolaire, week-end"
week-end inoccupé,20 mai 2023 → 21 mai 2023,,,"période scolaire, week-end"

If I import this file directly after the structure becomes

Nom (=text property)
Date (=title property)
début occupation (=selection property)
fin occupation(=selection property)
Étiquettes (=selection property)

You can see that Notion changes the property types in the structure. But the choosen type are not good :-(

How can I indicate to Notion that I want the first "column" to be the title property ?
How can I indicate what type of property is my "column".

Thank you for your help.


Uncle_khmel commented

Thanks for your question. The topic is relevant for us. A simple example in the basic task template does not work : export and reverse import . All dates are lost. We can’t upload csv from Redmine too

1 Answer


polle Points78510

It is clearly a bug. Notion should do this automatically and you can't change this settings anywhere.

1- Question Mark at the bottom right > Contact Support or Send Feedback.
2- Ping Notion in Twitter to this thread.

That is the only thing you can do, let them know about the bug and I will do it myself as well. The more people report it, the quick it gets fixed.


iann commented

Thank you very much for your feedback.

  1. I've sent this issue to Notion Support through the question mark (bottom right) as indicated.
  2. Since I have no twitter account I won't be able to ping them. But If any reader here has an account, he's welcome to help ;-)


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