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Let's say that a field yesterday was changed from "to do" to "in progress"; would it be possible to automatically save in another field the date of the status change, i.e. "yesterday"?

1 Answer


polle Points79040

This already comes with Notion. :)

Just create a new column (property) and from Type select "Last edited time".

That will show you the date and time from the latest edit.


emilec___ commented

Thanks Polle for the reply :)

And would it also be possible to link this "Last edited time" to the change of a specific field in a table? Or to get this information some other way.. As far as I understand, now "Last edited time" updates whenever something changes on a certain page (e.g. in a row of a table).

For my use case, I would need a tag that tells me when only a specific field on a page changes, for example to detect the select field "status" changes from "todo" to "approved".

It's a bit more complicated, but I think it would be of immense value if this could be easily implemented to automate many processes.

An ideal application would be "if the status of a specific field changed from todo on ongoing more than 2 days ago, then send me a Notion reminder".

And thank you!


polle commented

It is possible, but that is a completely different question. Please mark this one as solved and feel free to open as many new ones as you need. :)


emilec___ commented

Great, looking forward to knowing how. And thank you!

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