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How can I migrate Pocket (Premium account) to Notion?

I'd love to migrate everything I've saved to Pocket over the last 11 years (I've had a Premium Account for the last 2ish) over to Notion.

Ideally, all my clipped articles (Pocket calls them "forever copies") will end up in my Notion database complete with their tags, highlights, and the date I saved each one. I'd settle for importing the tagged links (some of which would likely be broken/un-clippable), assuming that Notion would then re-clip them.

The Pocket Export file seems pretty useless. It looks to me like an html file containing a mix of URLs and hyperlinked article titles under different headings (like Read, Unread, etc). I can't imagine it contains any of the metadata and the thought of having to re-tag everything makes me physically ill...

I don't know enough to use the the Pocket API myself, but if someone could help me, I'd love to hear from you! Thanks.

1 Answer


polle Points79040

I believe that your best approach here is to try an automation tool like Zapier or Make to move things from Pocket to Notion and see if any other information can be pulled from Pocket.

Create a Notion database with the required columns to match Pocket info and then just sync it.

Keep in mind that if Pocket does not offer any information, dates, metadata, etc... and the info are just links as the exported HTML file it generates, then you will be limited to that, because it is a Pocket restriction.


ElizabethNZ commented

Ha, just discovered I have a Zapier account already, created for exactly this purpose! Looks like I'd tried to create a Zap and abandoned the effort; the available Pocket triggers only include saving or favoriting NEW articles, not pulling existing articles.

Make looks way over my head sadly :( I'll DM you polle!


polle commented

Sure thing. :)

I will extend this in case someone else is looking into it.

I did some tests and it is possible to move everything from Pocket to Notion using Make. How difficult or time to setup the scenarios will depend on how things are in your Pocket account and how much information you need in Notion. (titles, links, favorites, tags, etc..)


danielisimo commented

Hi Polle,

Would you mind to expand on the steps and settings you made to transfer successfully your Pocket bookmarks into Notion?

I'm interested in getting the full set (Titles, Links, Tags, etc).

I've made an attempt on Make with the available Template but it only got two bookmarks (out of several hundreds) and it only got the title.

Many thanks in advance!


polle commented

Hey @danielisimo I did it for Elizabeth, not for me.

You will have to review Make options because each module has a configuration, for example the limit is stablished in the Pocket one, then in the Notion module you need to map everything as needed.

There is no shortcut, you will need to spend time creating the Make scenario to work as you need and to match your Pocket information.

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