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Importing a Template

I've been browsing the numerous free templates in the public domain but I can't figure out how to import them as a template. I open them in the browser, hit duplicate, and the template ends up as a page in my notion workspace. Which is great but I wanted it as a template. I know how to create a template from scratch so I can cut and paste the page structure into a new template but there has to be a better way than doing that. Help?

1 Answer


polle Points79930

A template is a Notion page with subpages in it and there are no other ways to create templates.

You are doing it right, hit duplicate and have it in your own Notion Workspace.


OldSeaHawk commented

How then do it get it into a database so when I hit the NEW button, it's used as the template or is at least one of the choices?


polle commented

Database templates and duplicating a Notion template are two completely different things.

When you create a database template inside a database you are not importing a template and you are not duplicating a template. You are creating a new item inside the database with a pre made content (template).

Click the little arrow in the New button and create a template there.


OldSeaHawk commented

So cutting and pasting is the only way to get a downloaded template into a database? That's really goofy.


polle commented

Ok, I believe you are asking the following.

Is there a way to import a template to be used as a database template inside the New button?

Then no, there is no way to do that, all database templates are independent and you need to create them by hand and in this case yes, copy and paste or create the template from scratch is the only option.

No export or import options at the moment for database templates to be reused in other databases.


caden commented

Ya this worked for me.

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