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I want to create a left-side tree menu on all my pages. I am using a Wiki template. My main page is pretty simple. It has a left-side menu and content:
Main page

As you can see it has Code Reviews page. But Code Reviews page has subpage and subpage has its own subpage. Here is page structure on notion desktop app:
Page in Notion app

I want to show menu with this structure on all pages. For example when I go to other page, I want to see this menu. How can I do that?

1 Answer


polle Points82410

If you are referring to the Notion sidebar, it will show automatically that way for your pages and sub-pages.

If you want to create your own, then you need to do exactly that, create a template from scratch with the things as you need them to show.

There is no such thing in Notion as "automatically create a navigation menu in the left of my pages with toggles for all the pages and sub-pages I create".

Hope that helps.


komdil commented

@polle Thank you for your answer. I researched little bit, but I couldn't find a proper way of creating this template. Can you show be me one basic example please?


polle commented

Well it will really depends on your content and just for you, but try to create columns and use toggles for the pages you need as a sidebar and then just the content at the right.

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