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I have a large number of PDF articles that i want to add to Notion so that I can search it and use the AI tools.
So far I have had various luck importing it, converting PDF to Word is as expected causing a lot of issues with formatting, pictures getting lost etc.

Are there any other way to do this in a better manner? Fex storing the documents in google drive and linking them to Notion? It seems i cannot read any files or text outside Notion, so that takes away alot of the value for me using Notion as a knowledge database.

1 Answer


ShaneRobinson Points1450

I don't see a way to do this in Notion.
When you either reference a file on Google Drive, Dropbox, whatever..or you upload it to Notion which actually stores it on AWS, the result is the same. A remote file with just a local reference.
Notion currently isn't capable of ingesting and parsing PDFs from external sources.
I even tried the new "Ask AI" after uploading a PDF but it can't see it or parse it in the way you want.

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