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Import data and auto update relation column.

Hey All! Hope you're well I’m creating a client CRM database that links to an events database. Each client in the CRM database will have assigned events from the events database. Is there a way that I can bulk import the events data to my events database and auto assign the individual events to the correct client in the client CRM database automatically?

I can see how to create a relational database column where I can manually add / select each event per clients etc. But i’m not sure how to do this automatically. I was hoping there would be a way to do this with a unique ID perhaps?

The link between the client CRM should allow for the client to be tagged/populated on the events database and the event to be tagged/populated on the client database.

1 Answer


ShaneRobinson Points860

Yep. Given the following simple structure, and each of these tables need to be a Full Page Table...not an inline Table:

Client CRM Table

  • Table 1 = CRM
    Text Property: Client Name (name of Client)
    Relationship Property: Events (Relationship to Table 2, Events)

This CRM Table must contain the following (example) Clients before you can import the events.csv file below:

  • Client One
  • Awesome Client Two
  • Another Great Client Three

Events Table

  • Table 2 = Events
    Text Property: Event Name (name of Event)
    Relationship Property: Client (Relationship to Table 1, CRM)

So you have the following Events that you want to import into the Events Table: (I hope the Events matching the CRM Clients are obvious) :

  • Event One
  • Another Event One
  • Second Event
  • Awesome Event Two
  • Event Three
  • Three Event Three
  • Another Third Event

CSV File

  • It must contain a Header Row, with exact matching names for the Events Table Properties.
  • Then, each row will consist of the Event Name followed by comma "," followed by the EXACT NAME of the Client.

Your events.csv file will literally have the following content:

Event Name,Client
Event One,Client One
Another Event One,Client One
Second Event,Awesome Client Two
Awesome Event Two,Awesome Client Two
Event Three,Another Great Client Three
Three Event Three,Another Great Client Three
Another Third Event,Another Great Client Three

Now go to the Table 2 Events page and from the "..." menu top right, select "Merge with CSV" and import your events.csv file and your 8 Events will import and relate to your existing 3 Clients.


simonbtfg commented

@ShaneRobinson amazing! Thanks for your answer. This works for me.

Do you know if there is a way to do the same thing using an Unique ID property?

I have about 6500 records to import and I can do it via this method of using the relation column and matching the names between each data base is fine. But i'm just worried about making a type mistake. I've looked around and the only way I can how to update with a unique ID is via the notion API or a third party integration like Zapier etc.


ShaneRobinson commented

This morning I clicked the "reply" button on your comment/question above but I don't see my reply.
Did you get a reply somewhere to your question above?

???And now this answer from me shows up at the top as a "Second Answer?"

Wow... I am NOT a fan of whatever this app is.


polle commented

Hello @ShaneRobinson.

Answers show as new answers to the main questions and not as a follow up. You can comment to each answer instead of creating a new one or reply to other comments as well.

After hitting reply and writing your comment, you need to click the Add comment button and I believe that is what you missed. Thank you for pointing it out, maybe a little retouch in design is needed to make it more clear.


ShaneRobinson commented

Thanks so much for the info @polle. Yes, I must have somehow missed a step. I'm "replying" to your comment and clicking the "Add comment" below it.


ShaneRobinson commented

@simonbtfg There's no way to create/manage Notion Relationships on the unique ID. Only via the default "Name" property.

In terms of the potential typos, if there is a typo in one of the CRM Client names then that row in the Events table won't have a CRM Client value. It will be easy to see and correct.

I would suggest first importing 100. Then the next 500. Then the next 1000. Don't do the entire 6500 at a time.

I used to manage 25,000,000 records each month for a client and after I created the workflow and error catching and reporting, I would still only import 250,000 (10%) at a time. It was much easier to track and catch errors vs waiting for the 45 minutes it took to import all 25 million and THEN have an error and try to track it down.


ShaneRobinson commented

@polle It appears I can't mention a person IN a comment. Only at the beginning? You can see in my comment above to you that I mentioned you internally, it showed your name when I typed "@p" and I selected it. But it didn't link.
Trying it again now, @polle. Hmmm... Now it worked. Oh well.


polle commented

Glad to help and yes you can mention inline @ShaneRobinson :)

You browser is playing with you, haha.


ShaneRobinson commented

@polle Yep. I had to disable Brave Shields for this site to work correctly.
Thanks again for your assistance.


polle commented

Sure, anytime!

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