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Can I join text with a command?

I find that when I paste text from other software (email, typically) into Notion, I introduce line breaks that I don't want or need.

In many text editors I can join lines with ctrl j. So I could fix this paragraph by paragraph by joining up lines.

I often use the ✨AI tool to "fix line breaks" but it takes longer than just going through paragraph by paragraph and I'm always nervous that the text itself might change. Is there a tool like ctrl j that exists in Notion that I'm just missing?

Screenshot showing wonky line breaks and the Notion AI tool prompt

1 Answer


polle Points78510

Notion does not have a join command.

You have to paste without format, for example in macOS is using shift+option+command+v.

That way you will paste plain text with no external format.


amandabee commented

Thanks. The bummer of doing it that way is that it strips out links.

At least I know I'm not missing an easy solution.

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