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Hello All,

I am new here and to notion, so apologies if is a silly question.

I am building an actions tracker and need 3 dates:

  • Raised On
  • Due On
  • Closed On

then I have a status = In Progress, Delayed, Closed

I want to create a formula to handle the following:

If Close On is empty and Due On is less or equal to now(), then status = In Progress
If Close On is empty and Due On is more then now(), then status = Delay

Tried to create the following:

if (prop("Closed On") == "", if ( prop("Due On") <= now(), "In Progress","Delayed"))

For sure doesn't work :(

Any help is welcome.


1 Answer


polle Points35780

Try this Notion formula.

if(prop("Closed On") == "" and prop("Due On") <= now(), "In Progress", if(prop("Closed On") == "" and prop("Due On") >= now(), "Delay", "Nothing"))

Hope that helps.

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