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Error in formula reference rollup result

There are two Notion Databases:Project and Task.

If no errors, When I change the status of one task to "Done", The one of Project's Show_Done column will show "Done: 1".

But now it doesn't worked and will show the wrong number.

This is the website.


polle commented

Please edit and share the Notion formula you are using.


Eva_Z commented

1.In Task Database - "Done" column - [Formula]:

not empty(prop("Status") == "Done")

2.In Project Database - "Num_Done" column - [Rollup]:
Relation: Task
Propety: Done
Calculate: Checked

3.In Task Database - "Show_Done" column - [Formula]:

"Done:" + toNumber(prop("Num_Done"))

1 Answer


polle Points79930

Thank you for extending, I just did some tests and it is a Notion bug, so there is nothing you can do to fix.

I already reported it and you should do it as well contacting Notion support using the question mark at the bottom right.

For sure this will be fixed quick.


Eva_Z commented

I've already contacted Notion support,
This bug just appeared today,Everything worked fine yesterday.


polle commented

That is correct, the bug was introduced in the recent Notion update. As there is nothing wrong in your side and it is a bug, please select the answer to mark the question as solved.

Hopefully it gets fixed quick.


polle commented

Hey @Eva_Z just an update to let you know the bug is fixed now.

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