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When I try to drag and drop they only move up and down. I have seen this in a template and it looks really nice! Many thanks!

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You can't. Notion properties are columns, not rows.

For sure you saw some pages in a database using gallery or simple blocks, as it not possible with properties.


meganpdl commented

So they were definitely properties bc I started using the template and changed them (but decided to start my own page due to some issues editing it). They were within a gallery though. I just really liked the way that it look and am trying to replicate it, but I cannot figure it out!


meganpdl commented

Here is the image of the horizontal properties!


polle commented

My mistake, I thought you wanted to have vertical properties instead of horizontal, sorry.

But the answer is also negative, you can't align properties to the center or right, just as you can't do it with text in Notion blocks neither.


meganpdl commented

Damn, ok! Well I appreciate you answering. So is the notion template just some secret formatting that no one else is allowed to use?!


polle commented

The only difference I can see there is that the lines are hidden and you can do the same if you click the 3 dots in the database, select layout and turn off vertical lines.

Nothing else is different, maybe a visual effect causing you seeing different because of that lines?

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