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Drag and drop PDF files without becoming embedded

I used to be able to just upload lists of PDF files to a page by dragging and dropping them in, however, doing this now results in them being uploaded as embedded PDF files instead of a simple file upload.
When did this behavior change and is there a way to reverse it?


xTmEs commented


I'm having the same issue, this is new, and is very annoying, y just find out that works file by file by the option upload file.... but i upload allot of files, and i cant do it that way, there's must be a way to disabled the embedded

2 Answers


ShaneRobinson Points860

I've never known Notion to work this way in the 5 years I've been using it.

After you drag-n-dropped 1+ PDFs to a Notion Page, how did they display?

  • As a link to the PDF?
  • If so, what happened when you clicked the link?

The reason this doesn't make sense is that Notion automatically uploads drag-n-dropped files to AWS and if the file is recognizable, it creates an embedded view.

Is this also you? Post on Reddit
Seems like someone else also previously had this same experience.


polle Points79040

It is a new feature, Notion changed how it works.

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