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How to remove the arrow of sub task?

I want to remove the little grey arrow pointing to the parent task.
It is showed from above the task

This arrow is visible in kanban view in each task which has a parent one

Help me please!


polle commented

Sub tasks is something that does not exist in Notion, you have to create them and there are multiple ways of achieving it.

Explain exactly how are you using sub tasks to understand the problem, as there are no arrows for sub-items in Kanban views.


Nona commented

Sorry I didn't find another way but creating a google doc with pictures and explanations

1 Answer


polle Points78500

Here you go.

1- Click the 3 dots ... in the database at the left of the New blue button.
2- Click Sub-Items.
3- Change the "Show as" options.


Nona commented

Thank you!

  • 1 little question
    Is it possible to make the parent task have a connection (visible at the bottom of the task-block) and the same kind of connection in sub-item (with parent one) but without this "grey arrow"?


polle commented

You can't change the interface, only the available options.

Glad to help.

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