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Hey friends - not sure if this is the right channel but I really need some help to get unstuck with my Notion project. Here's the problem statement:

I have built a workspace with multiple linked relational databases.
Each database has 2 to 3 table views with advanced filters consisting of filter groups.

This helps me create a automation simply using these filters & linked view.

I have locked these filtered views & "Saved for Everyone".

However, when I am publishing this workspace for public access (as a public site), all filters disappear from the filtered views. Thus, in all the views we see the full table instead of filtered view, as I would have liked.

The same problem happens if I duplicate a table - all filters disappear !

Is there a way to save these filters and these filtered views when publishing a workspace as a public document Or when duplicating Or when creating a linked view?


anonemousse666 commented

I have the same problem. It appears that advanced filters are not supported when sharing on the web.

I have another issue similar to this one, where filters based on a relation attribute work on my account but not when I share it on web. I know for a fact that the web users have access to that related database, yet I can click on the filter button and nothing appears. It seems that there are limits to filters when sharing (shrug)

1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2080

This is not actually a bug but is intended.

The way filter works is that regardless of access type (full, can edit, can view, can comment etc..) people can change the filter and access hidden information.

This is one of the most requested feature by people but it seems it's taking Notion awhile to figure out the best way to fix this.

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