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how to apply formula to another column

hi ! i'm new at using Notion formulas. i wonder if i can use it to automatically fill a column which is not a formula. i'm trying to create a ring that shows my progression.

i have :

column 1 : Status
column 2 : #Number (showing as ring, not as number)
column 3 : Formula

what i want to do :

if Status = completed, i want #Number to be 2 (which is a completed ring).
if Status = in progress, i want #Number to be 1 (which is half a ring).
if Status = not started, i want #Number to be 0 (empty ring).

but i don't know how to write a formula that changes another column, not the formula one.

1 Answer


polle Points79930

You can't write in other properties using formulas, you need to use the formula column itself.

Follow this steps.

1- delete column 2.
2- use this Notion formula in column 3.

if(prop("Status") == "in progress", 1, if(prop("Status") == "completed", 2, 0))

The formula reads as follows: if status is in progress show 1, if status is completed show 2, otherwise show 0.

3- Edit the formula property and change it to percentage and ring.

That will do exactly what you need.

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