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how can i select notes by searching notes by content

I want to tag notes by searching for content.
So for instance i want to tag notes with the tag Peter when the notes contain the word Peter.

1 Answer



based on my knowledge there isn't a built-in feature that automatically tags pages based on their content. However, you could do it manually by searching for the content and then adding the tags.

  1. Search for Content:

    • On the top navigation bar, you'll find the search bar.
    • Enter the term "Peter" (or any other word you're looking for).
    • Notion will show you a list of all pages and blocks containing the term "Peter".
  2. Manually Add Tags:
    • Create a database with the tags (each tag is one row)
    • Find each instance of the thing you want to tag by search.
    • You can add tag next to the name "Peter" by typing @ and clicking on the tag that it will find from the database but it doesn't look too clean.
    • So you can either replace the name "Peter" with the @ link to the tag page in the tags database
    • Or alternatively highlight the name "Peter" and create a comment (shortcut: cmd/ctrl + shift + M) and add the @ link to the tag there
  • I would also Customize the page so it shows the Comments as minimal so it is not too visually disturbing
  • Click: ... (Top right corner of Notion) --> Customize page --> Page Comments --> change to Minimal

  • Also to see all the tagged instances go to the tag page in the tag database and make backlink visible

  • Click: ... --> Customize page --> Backlinks --> change to Expanded

  • This will give you a list of all the tagged locations

There could be potential automation created in Make of Zapier for all future entries but thats for another time probably.

Hope it helps. Let me know if you had any additional questions or if the explanation was unclear.


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