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Self-referencing filter

I'm building my client portal.

I have a database for Clients, which is related to databases including Notes, Meetings and a couple others.

I created a template for new client. It uses self-referencing in the filters perfectly so I can only see their items on the Client page.

I'm creating notes for the clients. On that page, I'd like to have a list of all their action items (think of it from a 1:1 meeting). I have the client as a related field in the shared actions database.

How do I create a filter in the New 1:1 Notes template that automatically references the Client, or do I have to set that filter by hand with every new note (which would suck).

Note: I don't see an option to do the self-refencing filter like I do in the parent's filters.


1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2100

Hi, if I understand you correctly, you're hoping to have the Notes template linked to your client page.

Every time you create a new note it'll automatically select the client.

For this, you'll need to create a template inside Client database where you create a linked database of the Notes template, this way you can filter it to your specific client.

Here's a short video on how you can do it:


mknapp commented

That does solve it .. not not quite in the way I was hoping.

I have 3 templates for my notes. I've been using the new button.

Now I'll create the note (empty) and apply the template afterwards.

Thank you!


thomas_yang commented

welcome and yeah it's kinda different in Notion on how you can do this.

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