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why data between relation is wrong ?

Hello dear community,

I have two separate databases on Notion: one for customers and the other for transactions. Each transaction is associated with a customer. Unfortunately, I have identified some discrepancies, and the data between the two databases is incorrect. There seem to be around 12 errors out of 466 database transactions.

All my transactions are linked to a client, but I don't understand where the problem is coming. If anyone has encountered a similar issue before, I would greatly appreciate learning more about it.

Thanks a lot.


thomas_yang commented

we'll need a screenshot of your database to better understand your issue.

are you using any rollup or formula?

1 Answer


ShaneRobinson Points860

A screenshot at the very least like @thomas_yang mentioned.

Better yet if you could dupe the tables and remove any sensitive info and then share them that would be much more helpful.

But to answer your question about encountering a similar issue... Nope. Not in 6 years of using Notion for ourselves and clients with tens of thousands of records across dozens of related tables.

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