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Shared Notion page filters stopped working

I have created two databases, a customer database and a training plans database. Now I would like to provide a publish public page to my client(Client Panel) where he can see his training plans as a table view filtered by the client. And it worked about 4-5 days ago but since then there is a problem with it and can't see anything. I will add that the customer database is not public, while the training plans database is. Previously it worked so that there was a page for the customer in public form where he could see his training plans in a grayed out form and now he can't see anything, the problem is solved when I make the customer database(not a single customer) available for public view but that doesn't work for me because I don't want other customers to see the whole customer database.

Can someone help me and explain if this is a current problem in notion or the fact that it worked for me before was due to a bug that was fixed by the notion team?

Problem - See Image.

"Trening and Dieta" have also been published in the databases, but the filters do not work

When it worked, it looked like this but things in the databases were grayed out in color

That have worked - See Image.


Bastekkk commented

In the shortcut action, I want to publish the client's training plans with filters according to the client, but the client cannot be the published database because I don't want others to see it. I will add that such a solution worked until a few days ago and now there is a problem with it

1 Answer


thomas_yang Points2080

Hi I'm not sure I fully understand the problem but I'm guessing there's a misunderstanding in how Notion works when it comes to public access.

[1] Customer DB
[2] Training Plan DB

If you only share [1] public and keep [2] hidden, your customer will not see it even if you use relation & rollup. The reason you can see it is because you're logged in to your account and have access to both.

The only solution is to publish both database for them to see it.

Another thing I'm not sure if you're aware of it that when sharing a database with customers, you'll need to create a separate database instead of using a filter since there's no way to lock a filter based on a specific customers only.

Notion currently doesn't support this as anyone can simply remove the filter and access others data.

I hope this helps.

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