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I've created a button in Notion that has been working beautifully up until today.
The logic is that it creates a main Project and then associates all relevant tasks to that created project.
It used to work perfectly, but now it's no longer specifying the specific task title, instead just assigning all tasks with the name "task". It is still generating the correct number of tasks and keeping the assignee... just labelling it as "task" as opposed to the actual name of what the task is.

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ShaneRobinson Points860

There's really no way to help with a question like this unless you could create a Public Shared version of your DBs.

I created a brand new Projects & Tasks system with a button that does what you describe.

  • It first creates a new Project
  • Then creates 3 Tasks, each named something different, and relates those Tasks to the Project created in the first step.

It's works as expected. So without being able to replicate your issue, there's just no way to see what might be wrong unless you can share access to it.

If you have sensitive info already in the system, just duplicate it, change the DB names, delete all the entries, and share that version.


kyliee321 commented

Is this what you mean by sharing? Apologies. Newbie here.

Project Page

Task Page

  1. The Project Name should be defaulting to "New Product Launch Test" (which it's not)
  2. The project status is pulling correctly
  3. The number of Tasks is generating correctly and it is placing them under the newly created project
  4. The task names are defaulting to "Task" as opposed to the Task names in the button action


ShaneRobinson commented

Hi. Yes you "Published to Web" correctly but you have to enable the "Allow duplicate as template" because when you publish to web, viewers can't see any formulas or templates. We have to be able to "duplicate" the template to our own Notion acct and then we can see properties, formulas, templates, etc.

Screenshot here showing how to enable duplication

The other way to allow someone to help you troubleshoot and fix templates is to Invite them to your Workspace. But I would advise against that unless you actually know the person or they are a client.

Allowing duplication of the templates keeps your workspace secure but allows people to help you troubleshoot formulas, automations, buttons, etc.


kyliee321 commented

Thank you! I've revised the share settings to the image you shared. Can you let me know if these work better?

Project Page

Task Page



ShaneRobinson commented

The "Button" page worked.
The "Project Page" and "Task Page" are still not able to be duplicated.

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