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Pretty hyperlink (images, buttons...etc)

Hi everyone, this is my first post... I would like to make a simple web page with notion (basically a shared page) and I would aim to have link to other notion pages. The problem is that I wanted to have a some beautiful link and not simple words with hyperlink... I mean, I like for example the buttons which links to other pages, but if I share the page the buttons doesn't works due to denied I'm struggling to find something similar to a button ... I thought it was possible to use an image as a link... but it isn't... so just to sum up, the question is: is there something similar to buttons that are shareable.... something better than a simple word? Thank you!

1 Answer


polle Points80400

Using just Notion it is not possible, your best approach is to use a service like or similars to create custom elements as needed and by custom it means you will need to know a bit of code and css.

Keep in mind Notion is not intended as a tool for web development, so you will depend on external services to extend the functionality a website may require.


lucavmw commented

Thank you Polle! Can I insist :) and ask you if there is a way to enable buttons in sharing page? Bottons are quite good for my needs :)


polle commented

You will need to use natural Notion blocks, background colors, font colors, bold fonts, maybe callouts, etc... to avoid permission problems.

Using those natural blocks you will not have any problem in your public shared pages for the web.

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